Paschalis Veskos

Research Associate
January 2013 - December 2014

Paschalis Veskos was a post-doctoral researcher at the Cognitive Systems Research Institute (CSRI) and the Institute for Language and speech processing (ILSP). He worked on the POETICON++ European FP7-ICT project, focussing on how the semantic memory of a robot can affect its action generalisation abilities. Paschalis received a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering and an MEng degree in Information Systems Engineering, both from Imperial College London. In his PhD thesis, he worked on the developmental acquisition of rhythmic skills (swinging and planar walking) in bipedal robots, using biologically-inspired Central Pattern Generator control architectures in order to exploit system natural dynamics. Through an extensive empirical investigation on an embodied robot platform, he explored the interplay between low-level system parameters and macroscopic humanoid task behaviour, rhythmic entrainment and performance.