Maria Lada

Maria Lada
Research Assistant

Maria Lada is a research assistant at the Cognitive Systems Research Institute (CSRI). She holds a Master in Science in Language Technology (National and Technical University of Athens, University of Athens and Institute for Language and Speech Processing) and a diploma in Greek Literature and Linguistics (University of Athens, Greece). Her dissertation thesis was the “Exploration of logical entailment in Multimedia Data”.  She has worked for four years as an associate researcher at the Institute for Language and Speech Processing, ATHENA Research Center on Electronic Lexicography and Language Resources for which she was responsible for their design and development in the framework of a series of national projects (HNC, ETHEK and POTHEG). She has participated in a number of national and european projects (POETICON++/FP7-ICT, POETICON/FP7-ICT, Latsis Foundation Studies), in which she has been investigating image-language semantic relations and co-speech gestures. She is a management committee member of the ISCH COST Action TextLink. She has an extensive experience in secondary education teaching which she is also practicing in the last fifteen years.



Pastra, K. , Balta, E. , Dimitrakis, P. , Mpandavanou, E. , & Lada, M. . (2009). Image-Language Dialectics in Greek Caricatures. Research Studies. John Latsis Foundation.