Lorenzo Gregori

Visiting Researcher
February 2017 - April 2017

Lorenzo Gregori is a research fellow at LABLITA Research Unit at the Humanities Department of the University of Florence, visiting researcher at CSRI from February to April 2017. He holds a BA degree in Computer Science, a MA degree in Digital Humanities and a PhD in Computer Engineering, and his main research interests are computational linguistics and natural language processing.

He worked as a research fellow at the IMAGACT Ontology of Action (http://www.imagact.it) within IMAGACT (http://imagact.lablita.it/) and MODELACT (http://modelact.lablita.it/) Projects, dealing mainly with semantic annotation and ontology linking. His PhD project was focused on the formal representation of action concepts, resulting in the development of a new data model for IMAGACT and its implementation in a graph database.