Giuseppe Innamorato

Erasmus+ Trainee
October 2015 - May 2016

Giuseppe is an Erasmus+ Trainee who holds a BSc in Anthropology and is currently completing a MSc in Cognitive Science at Umeå University. His master’s thesis is entitled ”Did the Practice of Partible Paternity Select for Emotional Intelligence? A Systematic Review of Ritual Couvade in Lowland Indigenous Amazonian Societies” and was presented at the Swedish Cognitive Science Society in 2015. His research interests include cognitive science, evolutionary anthropology, reproductive strategies in lowland Amazonia, partible paternity, the adult industry, Greek/Albanian borders’ culture. As an Erasmus+ Trainee at CSRI, Giuseppe is analysing data from the POETICON Lithic Tool Experiments that run with British subjects in the framework of the POETICON++ project.