Eirini Balta

Eirini Balta
Research Associate

Eirini Balta is a research associate at the Cognitive Systems Research Institute. She holds a diploma in Electrical & Computing Engineering (University of Patras) and a Master in Science in Language Technology (National and Technical University of Athens, University of Athens and Institute for Language and Speech Processing). She has participated in a number of nationally funded and european projects (POETICON++/FP7-ICT, POETICON/FP7-ICT, Interreg, Latsis Foundation Studies) in which she worked on grounding of semantic lexica, image-language dialectics, word sense induction and disambiguation, information retrieval and machine translation. She is currently developing an algorithm for identifying "cognitively important words" for use in semantic similarity metrics, reasoning in robotic applications and others.   



Pastra, K. , Balta, E. , & Dimitrakis, P. . (2015). COSMOROE Annotated Data Corpus. Athens: Cognitive Systems Research Institute. http://csri.gr/downloads/CMR
Pastra, K. , Balta, E. , & Dimitrakis, P. . (2015). COSMOROE Language-Visual Element Parallel Corpus. Athens: Cognitive Systems Research Institute. http://csri.gr/downloads/CMR

Conference Papers

Pastra, K. , Balta, E. , Dimitrakis, P. , & Karakatsiotis, G. . (2011). Embodied Language Processing: A New Generation of Language Technology. In Language-Action Tools for Cognitive Artificial Agents. http://www.csri.gr/files/publications/EmboLa-pastra.pdf
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Pastra, K. , & Balta, E. . (2009). A text-based search interface for Multimedia Dialectics. In Proceedings of the 12th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Demonstrations Session (pp. 53–56). Association for Computational Linguistics. http://www.csri.gr/files/publications/EACL09-pastra.pdf
Piperidis, S. , Dimitrakis, P. , & Balta, E. . (2007). Lexical transfer selection using annotated parallel corpora. In N. Nicolov, Bontcheva, K. , Angelova, G. , & Mitkov, R. (Eds.), Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing IV (pp. 227–236). J. Benjamins Pub. Co; 1999. http://www.csri.gr/files/publications/RANLP05-balta.pdf


Pastra, K. , Balta, E. , Dimitrakis, P. , Mpandavanou, E. , & Lada, M. . (2009). Image-Language Dialectics in Greek Caricatures. Research Studies. John Latsis Foundation. http://www.latsis-foundation.org/content/actions/action_342/inline/ell/actionInline_342_555342ebe4c24.pdf