Semantic Pathways for Geospatial Thinking

TitleSemantic Pathways for Geospatial Thinking
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKavouras, M, Sotiriou, S, Baglatzi, A, Darra, N, Kokla, M, Lazoudis, A, Pastra, K, Tomai, E
Conference NameInternational Conference on Learning Innovations and Learning Quality (LINQ)
AbstractGeospatial thinking is a newly acknowledged ability with profound and rewarding effects on numerous aspects of everyday life and science - from giving and following directions and interpreting maps and diagrams, to achieving innovation in STEM disciplines. The GEOTHNK approach aims at enhancing geospatial thinking skills and engaging users in meaningful, inquiry-based learning experiences. The main outcomes are: a) a methodological approach for the interdisciplinary organization and semantic linkage of knowledge, and b) an innovative ICT-based approach and an open, collaborative, web-based learning environment. The GEOTHNK approach, with its transversal and transnational character, will facilitate the development of a variety of geospatial learning paths inclusive of area-specific landscape and climate idiosyncrasies, as well as other natural phenomena with complex socio-economic effects and strong cultural and historical ties.
Citation KeyKavouras2014