A multimodal dataset of spontaneous speech and movement production on object affordances

TitleA multimodal dataset of spontaneous speech and movement production on object affordances
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsVatakis, A, Pastra, K
JournalScientific Data
Date Published01/2016
Keywordscognitive experiments, exploratory acts, lithic tools, object affordances, object attributes, reasoning patterns, verbal reports

In the longstanding effort of defining object affordances, a number of resources have been developed on objects and associated knowledge. These resources, however, have limited potential for modeling and generalization mainly due to the restricted, stimulus-bound data collection methodologies adopted. To-date, therefore, there exists no resource that truly captures object affordances in a direct, multimodal, and naturalistic way. Here, we present the first such resource of ‘thinking aloud’, spontaneously-generated verbal and motoric data on object affordances. This resource was developed from the reports of 124 participants divided into three behavioural experiments with visuo-tactile stimulation, which were captured audiovisually from two camera-views (frontal/profile). This methodology allowed the acquisition of approximately 95 hours of video, audio, and text data covering: object-feature-action data (e.g., perceptual features, namings, functions), Exploratory Acts (haptic manipulation for feature acquisition/verification), gestures and demonstrations for object/feature/action description, and reasoning patterns (e.g., justifications, analogies) for attributing a given characterization. The wealth and content of the data make this corpus a one-of-a-kind resource for the study and modeling of object affordances.

Citation KeyVatakis2016