Open Source Software

All research and development carried out in CSRI is released publicly under Creative Commons Share Alike licenses. This is part of the institute's adherence to Open Science, including open source software and open content and data. Watch this space for a growing list of our research results that we open up for (re)use by all.  


  • CMR Annotation Checking Script (Download)
    PERL script for automatic checking of common human annotation mistakes in COSMOROE annotation files and extraction of conceptual triplets of the form X RELATION Y from COSMOROE annotation files, for facilitating manual validation.

POETICON Lithic Tool Experiments Software (PLT)

  • PLT Semantic Annotation Exploration Tool (upcoming)
    A graphical user interface for exploring the semantic annotation of the verbal reports produced in the POETICON Lithic Tools Experiment. The interface allows for search by concept type and subtype (e.g. concrete entity, movement, feature -shape, size and others-, abstract concepts, abstract features and so on) and provides the verbal context in which each concept was produced. 
  • PLT Semantic Inference Extraction Tool (upcoming)
    PERL-based programme for extracting conceptual relations from the semantically annotated POETICON Lithic Tool Experiment verbal reports, and most significantly for making inferences based on that semantic annotation.

PRAXICON Semantic Memory Software

  • PRAXICON GitHub Project (Download)
    Open source code of the PRAXICON database in two forms: relational and graph, as well as the corresponding graphical user interface. The database application programming interface (API) has been developed in JAVA.