The Institute

CSRI Offices

The Cognitive Systems Research Institute (CSRI) is a non-governmental, non-profit research organization that specializes in the highly interdisciplinary field of Cognitive Systems. Its core activities comprise theoretical, experimental and computational research and development for exploration and modeling of fundamental mechanisms in human cognition.


To develop cognitive systems with human-level intelligence for the betterment of our everyday life. 


  • to establish highly interdisciplinary research labs with integrated competencies and expertise comprising Engineering/Computer Science, Humanities/Linguistics, Life Sciences/Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology;
  • to develop human-centric and biology inspired intelligent technology that addresses societal needs and improves the quality of life;
  • to bring science to society through transfer of interdisciplinary knowledge and research practices to students of all levels of education and the general public.


  • we promote scientific excellence and integrity; 
  • we encourage initiative, innovation, and creativity; 
  • we believe in active collaboration, continuous learning, and interdisciplinary exploration;    
  • we consider the development of systems with human-level intelligence feasible primarily through exploration of human cognition;
  • we view intelligent technology as a platform for exploring how the human brain works and a means for addressing grand societal challenges;
  • we actively support the open-source movement providing our software and data resources freely to the public.