Multisensory Perception

Multisensory Perception at CSRI

Human perception is multisensory and multimodal. We focus our experimental research on two main axes: exploration of the fundamental mechanisms regulating multisensory event and time perception and the role of language in its interaction with such mechanisms. The former comprises mainly research on synchrony, duration, and ordering, while the latter involves research on language modulated perception of object saliency and attention, as well as co-speech exploration of object affordances through active touch. Our contributions provide ground for establishing an emerging research direction that incorporates language dynamically into the exploration of multisensory perception. We incorporate the corresponding findings in the development of intelligent artificial agents, bridging thus experimental research and technology development. Our experimental research spans a number of topics including the 'unity effect', time-space synaesthesia, the role of action goals and effects in learning new activities, co-speech exploratory acts and object affordances, and others.