PRAXICON and its language-related modules

ΤίτλοςPRAXICON and its language-related modules
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsPastra, K, Dimitrakis, P, Balta, E, Karakatsiotis, G
Conference NameProceedings of companion volume of the 6th Hellenic conference on artificial intelligence (SETN)

The “semantic gap” between the low-level features of sensorimotor data and their meaning as expressed through language is one of the fundamental challenges in developing intelligent systems. In this demonstration, we will present the very first release of the PRAXICON [1], a grounded conceptual knowledge base tightly coupled with programs that perform a generative analysis of sensorimotor and language representations. This is the first grounding resource that is coupled with compositional and generative modules for visual, motoric and language representation analysis and the first one that integrates the output of such modules within and across concepts, formulating a rich semantic network of multi-representational concepts. We will focus the demonstration on the PRAXICON database, its visualisation and four of its language-related tools: (a) Free-Text2PRAXICON: a first version of the language-based PRAXICON reasoner; (b) WordNet2PRAXICON: a module that converts WordNet [2] into a reference-based resource, for enriching the PRAXICON; (c) COSMOROE2PRAXICON: a module that extracts and infers conceptual information from the annotated COSMOROE corpus of TV travel series [3, 4], and (d) Cognitive2PRAXICON: a module that extracts and infers conceptual information from the POETICON cognitive Corpus (cf. more details in

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