Lexical transfer selection using annotated parallel corpora

ΤίτλοςLexical transfer selection using annotated parallel corpora
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsPiperidis, S, Dimitrakis, P, Balta, E
ΕπεξεργαστήςNicolov, N, Bontcheva, K, Angelova, G, Mitkov, R
Conference NameRecent Advances in Natural Language Processing IV
PublisherJ. Benjamins Pub. Co; 1999
Λέξεις κλειδιάbilingual lexicon extraction, parallel corpora, translational ambiguity
AbstractThis paper addresses the problem of bilingual lexicon extraction and lexical transfer selection, in the framework of computer-aided and machine translation. The method relies on parallel corpora, annotated at part of speech and lemma level. We first extract a bilingual lexicon using unsupervised statistical techniques. For each word with more than one translation candidates we build context vectors, based on the annotated parallel corpus information, in order to aid the selection of the contextually correct translation equivalent. The method achieves an overall precision of 85% while the maximum recall reaches 75%.
Citation KeyPiperidis2007