Intelligent indexing of crime scene photographs

ΤίτλοςIntelligent indexing of crime scene photographs
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsPastra, K, Saggion, H, Wilks, Y
JournalIntelligent Systems, IEEE
Λέξεις κλειδιάautomatic image-indexing prototype, crime scene photograph database, database indexing, deductive databases, Documentation, Image databases, image retrieval, Indexing, Information resources, Information retrieval, Information technology, intelligent indexing, keywords, Layout, natural language processing, natural languages, police data processing, Prototypes, Scene of Crime Information System, SOCIS, Software development management, Technology management, visual databases

The Scene of Crime Information System's automatic image-indexing prototype goes beyond extracting keywords and syntactic relations from captions. The semantic information it gathers gives investigators an intuitive, accurate way to search a database of cases for specific photographic evidence. Intelligent, automatic indexing and retrieval of crime scene photographs is one of the main functions of SOCIS, our research prototype developed within the Scene of Crime Information System project. The prototype, now in its final development and evaluation phase, applies advanced natural language processing techniques to text-based image indexing and retrieval to tackle crime investigation needs effectively and efficiently.

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