Donations at CSRI

Donations are the most important gifts to CSRI. They enable the Institute to maintain the depth and breadth of ongoing interdisciplinary intellectual endeavors. They give the Institute the flexibility to seize emerging opportunities and encounter unforeseen challenges. They are used to serve CSRI’s commitment to open education, data and software and innovative technology. To cite a few examples:

Education for All 

Access to cutting edge research results and technology both educates people and opens up new horizons of professional development. However, many people cannot bear even the minimum of associated costs. Donations contribute to shifting such financial barriers, through the support of open to the public seminars, and research internships. 

Thinking out of the Box

CSRI is a place of interdisciplinary interactions that lead to a continuous burst of innovative ideas and breakthrough approaches. However, early-stage ideas require some nurturing period before they lead to results that will allow funding from traditional sources. Donations help fill the gap.

Cutting-edge Infrastructure

Consider CSRI-2020; technology has changed radically. New experimental devices have enabled new methodologies for conducting research. Cutting-edge research requires cutting-edge infrastructure. Donations contribute to the continuous enhancement of the Institute’s physical infrastructure.


How to Donate

By Credit/Debit Card

Follow the link to donate through Paypal in a completely secure environment:


By Bank Wire Transfer

Gifts in Euros and in foreign currency may be wired directly from your bank to CSRI’s bank by providing your bank with the following wire transfer instructions; make sure that you use the IBAN number (unique account number) and the SWIFT/BIC Number (unique bank identification number):

  • Name of bank to wire funds: PIRAEUS BANK S.A.
  • Bank address: 4, Amerikis St.,  10564 Athens, Greece
  • IBAN Number: GR98 0171 5610 0065 6110 8896 756 
  • Account Number: 65 6110 8896 756
  • Account Holder: Cognitive Systems Research Institute
  • SWIFT/BIC Number: PIRBGRAA    
  • Wire Details: Please mention name of donor, and mail/email address for mailing a receipt.

By Check

To make a gift by check, please make your check payable to the Cognitive Systems Research Institute (CSRI), and mail it to:

CSRI Donations Office
Cognitive Systems Research Institute
7 Makedonomachou Prantouna Street
15125, Athens, Greece

To discuss a special gift to the Institute, please contact donations () csri ! gr.