POETICON++ Kick off Meeting, Athens, January 2012

POETICON++ Kick off Meeting

24 & 25 January 2012

Robots need Language: a computational mechanism for generalisation and generation of new behaviours in robots.

CSRI launches POETICON++, a new four year research and development project that builds on the recently concluded project POETICON, both of them coordinated by the CSRI Director Dr Katerina Pastra. The project is funded by the European Commission (FP7-ICT-Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics) and aims at placing language dynamically in the "robot seeing, robot acting, robot learning" loop;  natural language will be used as a learning tool for cognitive robots to generalise beyond learned motor programs and set behaviours. Language, visual perception, motor skills, learning architectures and self-exploring learning abilities will be employed in a cognitive dialogue for a robot to perform active Visual Scene Understanding and for taking action as a response to verbal requests. The kick off meeting of the project is scheduled for late January, in Athens and will bring together all PIs and their teams, i.e. Prof. Yiannis Aloimonos (University of Maryland, USA), Prof. Giulio Sandini, Prof. Luciano Fadiga and Prof. Giorgio Metta (Italian Institute of Technology, Italy), Prof. Angelo Cangelosi (University of Plymouth, U.K.) and Prof. Jose Santos Victor (Istituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal).

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