CSRI-Related Symposia in the 4th National Conference in Cognitive Science

6-8 June 2013

CSRI researchers participate in two symposia within the 4th Panhellenic Conference of Cognitive Science, which is organized by the Greek Society for Cognitive Science, from 6 to 8 June 2013 at the National University of Athens, (more information here) :

A) Timing in clinical populations

Chair: Argiro Vatakis
Discussant: Marc Wittmann


  • Temporal order judgements are impaired in patients with schizophrenia: rooted in elementary time disorders? (Anne Giersch)
  • Temporal bisection in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (Catherine Jones)
  • Temporal processing of visual and auditory stimuli in neurodevelopmental disorders: methodological and theoretical implications (Joel Talcott)
  • The role of the basal ganglia in temporal processing: Evidence from Parkinson’s disease (Marjan Jahanshahi)

B) Human Cognition and Artificial Intelligence

Chair: Alkis Gounaris
Discussant: Petros Tzelepidis


  • Human Cognition and Artificial Intelligence: Seeking the fundamental differences of meaning on the edge of metaphysics (Alkis Gounaris)
  • Computational models of embodied cognition in artificial intelligence: problems and future perspectives (Georgina Abou Elkheir)
  • Explanation generating machine consciousness systems (John Kontos)
  • Syntax: where language and action meet (Katerina Pastra)