CSRI Initiated Dialogue Column @ the 10th Anniversary of the IEEE CIS Newsletter

CSRI Initiated Dialogue Column at the 10th Anniversary of the IEEE CIS Newsletter

July 2014

This is the biannual newsletter of the computational developmental sciences and developmental robotics community, studying mechanisms of lifelong learning and development in machines and humans. It has progressively become a place of lively and inspiring scientific dialogues spanning an incredible network of topics over the years, with the contributions of many key actors of computational developmental sciences.

In the July 2014 issue, a CSRI initiated dialogue on the role of language in sensorymotor acquisition is hosted.

Katerina Pastra

Autonomous Acquisition of Sensorimotor Experiences: Any Role for Language?

Page 4
Rick Dale

Language and Cognition: Occasions for Synthesis, but Not Surprise

Page 5
Katharina J. Rohlfing, Katrin S. Lohan, Benjamin Koch & Alessandra Sciutti

Language Does Not Only Enrich — It Meddles with Action Understanding

Page 6
Gary Lupyan

Language Augments Cognition and Perception by Providing High-Level Hypotheses

Page 7
Catriona Silvey

Functions of Language: Communication Is Basic, Categorisation Is Derived

Page 8
Kerstin Fischer

The Many Functions of Linguistic Labels

Page 9
Emmanuel Dupoux

Towards Quantitative Studies of Early Cognitive Development

Page 10
Katerina Pastra
Beware...of the LabelPage 11