CSRI and Winning Acuity launch their research collaboration

Winning Acuity Ltd. and the Cognitive Systems Research Institute tap the power of Winning Minds platform and Cognitive Computational Linguistics research to shed new light in conversational analysis insights and uncover the human performance blind-spot. The latter is the gap between the skills obtained through training and experience versus the skills demonstrated during the interactions at work. Holding and analyzing complex behavioral information during conversations provides with a realistic indication of business skills such as influence and impact.

Winning Acuity was founded in London in 2012 is a boutique consulting firm. Winning Acuity changed to a software solutions company when launched the pilot version of Winning Minds, a conversational analysis software. The software analyses business discussions and meetings to identify performance blind-spots. The platform can be used during the hiring process, during management and leadership meetings, or meetings with customers and suppliers and offers visibility on what’s happening in every single meeting as well as ways to achieve more.

CSRI is a research organisation founded in Athens in 2011; it specializes in the highly interdisciplinary field of Cognitive Systems. Its core activities comprise theoretical, experimental, and computational research and development for exploration and modeling of fundamental mechanisms in human cognition.

The two entities aim at conducting applied research in collaboration with Universities in the fields of Cognitive Neuroscience, Pyscholinguistics and Computational Linguistics. Their research on the assessment of demonstrated skills at work and the identification of blind-spots will be backed by latest research on the linkage of language and paralinguistic signals used in business environments with cognitive and affective skills